Frequently Asked Question

This appliance works with 2 AA LR6 batteries. Only use LONG LIFE ALKALINE or RECHARGEABLE batteries. The appliance is on when you slightly press with the thumb (about 1 to 3 sec.). DO NOT PRESS TOO HARD, you might compress the plastic and will not get the appliance to slide, adjust the velocity to the thickness( fast for thin plastic, slow for thicker plastic and Mylard packets).

You may be starting your welding from the edge of the plastic. Check your batteries: Is the resistance overheating? Your batteries will turn down faster it: -You are waiting to much whenyou start welding -You are pressing to hardly -You are not welding strait -You are welding too fast or too slow Tilt the device on the side during the welding.

1. Open the Press Bar and pull the Safety Bar clock-wise. 2. Simply lift the Press Bar of Sealer all the way back in order to have enough room to remove the Battery Cover easily. 3. Press on the Battery Chamber where the arrow points and apply some pressure until you see a small gap between the Battery Cover and the lower part of the Sealer. 4. Pull up the Battery Cover upwards with the other thumb. 5. You may now easily lift the Battery Cover and insert the batteries.

Open the Bag Opener on the back of the sealer. 1. While holding the sealer in your hand, use the tip of the index finger on your other hand to flip-open the Bag Opener. 2. Smooth the bag to be opened and insert the edge of the bag into the slot of the Bag Opener Holding the bag to be opened in one hand. 3. Start to move the Bag Opener across the bag to the other side of the bag or across the bag then upward. Opener re-opens the sealed product in seconds.

※Use some practice bags to practice before you get the "feeling" of using sealer. ※The time you take to move the sealer across should be determined by the thickness of the bag. It takes less time for thinner bags; takes more time for thicker bags. ※During usage, if the sealer creates a hole or too many wrinkles on the bag, move more quickly.

When using appliances, please pay attention to below basic safety precautions: 1. Read all Instructions. 2. NEVER TOUCH THE HEATING WIRE OR TOUCH ANOTHER PERSON WITH THE HEATING WIRE. INJURY MAY OCCUR AS A RESULT! 3. Close supervision is necessary when any appliance is used by or near children. 4. Do not place on or near a hot gas or electric burner, or a heated oven. 5. This appliance is for Household Use Only. Do not use this appliance for other inappropriate purposes. 6. Never store in a drawer of confined area when the batteries are installed in the Sealer. If the Heat Pad is depressed, the unit will turn-on and cause a potential fire hazard and will certainly be damaged. 7. Your sealer (Smart Sealer) is equipped with a Safety Bag Opener however it is still suggested to prevent small children to come in close contact with the blade of this opener.

‧ Light touch. ‧ Preheat 3 seconds. ‧ Move slowly or quickly depending on the thickness of the hag. ‧ Seal half the bag then flip the bag over and cross the initial seal line when sealing the second half. ‧ Have patience when first using your sealer. It takes some practice to become comfortable with the sealing motion. It is a little like dancing. Soon, you will have the "feel of the seal." ‧ During usage, if the Sealer melts a hole in the bag being sealed, move more quickly. ‧ If any part of the bag is not sealed entirely when the sealing motion is complete, simply re-apply the sealer to the unsealed part and move it over the area until a seal is achieved. Make sure that the interior walls of the bag are clean and that the opposite interior walls of the bag are touching one another.

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